Signature Package - Personalised 1:1 Support


FYI: FULLY BOOKED UNTIL APRIL 8TH. You can still purchase a signature package, and we get 'organised' (intake formed filled out and the sleep guide written) this will save your spot for a start date from on or after April 8th✌️

The FCS Approach is a powerful, new and unique approach to changing your family’s sleep habits so you can create a life of love, ease, connection and fun. You will not find anyone else offering this ....

Experience our signature 1:1 support package, tailored to your unique needs, as I stand by your side for 2 weeks, offering unwavering support and guidance. Whether you're facing settling issues, regressions, transitions, sleep resistance, early rising, or seeking to help your child sleep through the night, this comprehensive service provides you with a personalised plan and the support you need to implement the changes successfully. I will be your biggest supporter, ensuring you achieve the sleep success your family deserves.

This package includes:
🌙 Phone consult to identify your child's & family's unique needs to set goal/s
🌙 Discussion of a range of age-appropriate and evidence-based approaches
🌙 Analysis of intake form to see where you are currently at
🌙 Thorough assessment of your child’s temperament, their sleep habits & circadian rhythm
🌙 Personalised and holistic sleep guide, tailored to your family's needs (includes: Contingency plan for day naps and night sleep, step by step guide to the settling technique that is aligned to your baby's temperament and your parenting approach)
🌙 A printable cheat sheet so you don't have to flick through all the pages! 
🌙 Continuous evaluation of a sleep log with individual advice 
🌙 14 days support
🌙 7 phone consultations throughout the 14 days
🌙 Support via text during the 14 days 
🌙 Sign off email, which will include practical information for the path ahead.